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Day 1 Overview

Finance and Project Implementation: Meet the most influential tourism investors
Trends and opportunities

International trends and opportunities

OIC member states tourism investment requirements / forecasted growth

Key and importance of identifying USP’s

Socio-economic impact of tourism investment


Impact Investing: Business angel networks, venture capitalists, development banks

Public funding

Public-private funding

Foreign direct investment

The role of government

Regulations: Political stability, safety, policies, tax and immigration rules

Infrastructure: Technological, medical and transportation.

Information: Annual reports, figures, average length of stay, expenditure. General pain points

Governmental support and attraction of tourism investors

Transparency in rules and regulations

Global Public Private Partnerships

Identifying PPP’s as a global force

Governmental needs: Specific skills, capital investment, risk management and industry advancement

Private needs: Planning permission, funding, policy modification, lobbying support, elimination of red tape

PPP’s impact on infrastructure development

Crisis recovery

Mega-event activation

Marketing and promotions


Marketing: Product / project definition, marketing research

Financial feasibility


Recruitment processes

Exit strategies

Day 2 Overview

Business Modeling: Improving your top and bottom line
Formalize Financial Strategy as a Core Competency: The CEO’s role

Leverage pricing strategies

Latest methods on how tourism companies can adopt modern pricing practices and generating significantly more profit

Opportunity to audit some of your own financial practices, taking key lessons and tools back to your management team

Creating Shareholder Value: Prepping Your company for sale

Best practices for building financial value and for approaching mergers and acquisitions

Sharing buyer-perspective insights and practical strategies for growth

Gain a better understanding of how to approach the buying and selling process

Key lessons in building a tourism company for profitable growth

Tourism company models: The next five years

Investing in new tourism models

Trends in tourism product and service offerings, along with how those models are being compensated

Identifying opportunities for growth

Succession planning: Employee buyout

Exploring the approach of an employee buyout

Orchestrate one that provides the founder full sale value

The coming consumer trends: Those that will most impact global tourism business

Consumer purchase behaviors and their media consumption habits

Adapting and anticipate where consumers will ultimately take us next

Latest research on the consumer trends that will most impact the world of tourism marketing and its service firms